Outcomes Workflows

 This article is to assist with triggering your MIPs Outcomes Workflows for a non-integration system for an account that is not connected to an EMR. 

Outcomes workflows will help you deliver content to your patients via Keet patient portal. The Outcomes features are as follows:


Outcome Measure Workflow

  • When enabled, the MIPS Qualification Clinic Form will populate in the patient profile once the patient is created. This is not a patient-facing form. The clinical care team will need to complete this form and then manually add the corresponding PRO form. 

Patient Outcome Measure Workflow

  • When enabled, the patient will receive an email requesting they log into their account to complete the Pre-visit survey. The corresponding PRO form will only auto-assign to the patient's profile if/when the patient completes the form. 

PRO FORM Workflows

Once the patient completes the Pre-Visit Qualification Form and selects their region of injury this will place the patient within their Patient Group triggering the Workflows outlined below in the set schedule.

The patient can receive reminders to complete exercises, PRO forms, and or any education assignments created in their care plans.