Complete an Exercise

You can complete your exercises in two ways: with details and without. The detailed method gives you various exercise details (reps, sets, video, and instructions) and the non-detailed method simply allows you to check off your exercises. This article will show you how to complete both methods. 

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How to Complete an Exercise - With Exercise Detail
How to Complete an Exercise - No Exercise Detail

How to Complete an Exercise on iOS & Android - With Exercise Detail

1. If you want to see more details of your exercise before completing it, select the exercise from your care plan by tapping or clicking on it. 


2. From here you can see the detail of your exercise (sets, reps, times per day, instruction and a video), by selecting the play button you will be taken through a video demonstration of your exercise. 


3. Once you've completed your exercise, simply tap, or click, the complete button that is located under the instructions. 


How to Complete an Exercise on iOS & Android - No Exercise Detail

If you don't need any details specific details on your exercise (video, description, reps, sets, etc.), you can complete the exercise by simply tapping the circular checkbox.