Keet Daily Activity Quick Start Guide

 Select the user role below to find a suggested guide to assist you with your daily activities in Keet. Within the article, we will use the terms integrated and non-integrated. Integrated defines accounts that have established integration with an EMR vendor while non-integrated accounts do not, therefore, manual actions are required.  

Admin User

When logged in as an admin user you will be directed to your main dashboard along with your navigation tabs that include Telehealth, Reports, Care Team, Library, Patients, and Workflows. 


1. New patient case?

  • Search All Patients 
  • Did you find the patient? Yes
  • Did you find the patient? No


*Integrated accounts will have a patient populate within 15 mins of scheduling the patient for an appointment in the EMR. This article will assist you if you cannot locate your patient: Patient Creation Issue

3.  Non-integrated? Add custom tags to a patient's profile to trigger a workflow

  • Add Welcome tag at intake/patient creation
  • Add Arrive tag at the time of appointment 

*Integrated accounts do not need to add custom tags to trigger workflows. Review workflows: Workflows Overview

4. A patient arrives at the clinic, do they need to complete any forms? 


  • Review the patient's profile
  • Click on the PRO Form 
  • Click on the clipboard icon
  • Options:
    • Fill out the form with the patient
    • Scan QR code on clinic iPad, provide the iPad for the patient to complete prior to their appointment

5. Do you need to audit a patient's profile?

    • Review the patient's demographics are correct
    • Is the primary therapist listed? 
    • Are the appropriate custom tags added?
    • Is there an assigned MIPS Qualification form? Is it completed?
    • Is there an assigned Patient Pre-Survey form? Is it completed?
    • Is there a corresponding PRO form? Is it completed? 
    • Does the patient need any Exercises assigned? 
    • Does the patient need any Education content assigned?

6. Need to message a care team member? 


  • Click the message icon 
  • Click View All 
  • Click New Message


9. Reporting and Dashboard Review

10. Manage your Care Team

Care Team members do not populate through integration and will need to be added manually. 


Care Team/Therapist User

When logged in as a Therapist user, you will be directed to the 'My Patients' dashboard where your patients will be listed if you are assigned as their provider. The navigation bar includes Telehealth, Patients, and Library. 


1. Navigate to the location, if applicable

2. Search All Patients if you cannot locate in 'My Patients'


  • Did you find the patient? Yes
  • Did you find the patient? No
    • Click Add Patient 
    • Assign yourself as the primary therapist 
    • Add patient's external ID/profile ID to track MIPS Outcomes
    • Integrated Accounts must have the external ID to prevent duplicate patient profiles

3. Click Add Content 


4. Click Forms 


  • Click Add Content
  • Click Add Forms: allows you to add forms in bulk 
  • Option Search name of PRO form 
  • Complete Forms:  If PRO forms are currently assigned you can review if the patient has completed the PRO by clicking on the form to open the patient responses or you can click on the clipboard to complete the PRO with the patient. Review Completed PROs

5. Send Patient their Care Plan

6. Monitor patient progress 


  • Click on the patient form to review their scores over time 

7. Need to message your patient? Click Chat Screen_Shot_2020-06-11_at_11.04.11_AM.png

  • Type your message in the text box. Click send message. This will email the patient that they have a new message from their therapist in the patient portal. 

8. Library Review 



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