Get Started with Telehealth

Keet is providing three options for your telehealth needs:

  • UberConference
  • Google Hangouts/Google Hangouts Meet

While UberConference and Google Hangouts/Google Hangouts Meet provide basic scheduling and conference call capabilities, was designed specifically as a telehealth tool for the healthcare community. In all cases, you will need the patient's email address, at minimum, in order for calls to be set up and invitations sent. Keet is exploring other telehealth options as well.

Please read through the sections below for additional information on telehealth during COVID-19. Looking for more information before you decide which telehealth tool to use? You'll find further information on these three options below as well.


Learn about the COVID-19 Limited HIPAA Waiver

Teleconsent restrictions have been waived due to COVID-19.

Click here to read the HIPAA Limited Waiver.

Teleconsent requests are frozen at the current time. Telehealth restrictions have been waived by President Trump in the National Emergency response to COVID-19, making the need for teleconsents irrelevant for the time being. We will make teleconsent available again once the National Emergency has been lifted.
If you still feel consent is necessary you can obtain consent if you use as your telehealth vendor. 

Select the Telehealth option you want to use in Keet
Click each link to learn more about each option. Once you have made a decision, let your Providers know so they can make the appropriate selection in the Keet application, under the Telehealth menu.


Google Hangouts

Check Telehealth Logistics
Following are some logistics to check out and practices to put in place to ensure a smoother experience for you and for your patients.
  • Perform a test to ensure your system is compatible with your chosen telehealth option.
  • Ensure your patients test for system compatibility.
Prepare for Telehealth Calls
  • Provide patients with instructions on telehealth to set their expectations.
  • Be careful with sharing your screen to avoid HIPAA violations.

Click here to read an article that discusses common myths about Telehealth and also offers guidance for clinics getting started with this type of healthcare delivery tool.