2019 MIPS: Interpret the Summary Patient Performance Report

The Performance Reports are where you can begin analyzing granular data. This report is used to actually create your Compliance and Failure to progress reports, thus the unfiltered data that populates this report is important to the overall reporting structure. 

The Summary Patient Performance Report has the highest amount of unfiltered data of any of  the various reports. It includes all patients. For this reason, this report should be used to help identify and reconcile the other reports you’re viewing.

Ultimately there are only three actions you may take while reviewing this report:

  1. Disqualify a patient because the patient is under age (under 18), medically complex, or other valid reasons for disqualifications outlined in our help section, or per CMS guidelines.

Your Action: For anyone you are electing to disqualify in the Keet application, add “yes” to the “Disqualify” column.


 2. Change the supervising therapist assigned to the patient. 

 Your Action: You can change the therapist by adding the correct NPI of the correct therapist in the “change_supervising_therapist_NPI_to”. By including this new NPI, we’ll match the data to the correct supervising therapist name. 


3. Adding a therapist’s missing NPI  

Your Action: You can add a therapist’s missing NPI by adding it to the “practitioner_npi” column to replace the NULL.