Navigate your 2019 MIPS Draft Reports


Reviewing your 2019 MIPS draft reports involves performing the following procedures. Click the appropriate link below to jump to detailed instructions.

  1. Download your draft reports
  2. Review your Draft Reports
  3. Decide whether you want to Submit 2019 MIPS Data
  4. Edit your Patient Summary Performance Report
  5. Upload your Patient Summary Performance Report

Below, you can also see procedures that cover:


Download your draft reports

Click each report individually to download and open it.


Review your Draft Reports

It is your responsibility to review the following 2019 draft reports to ensure accuracy for your submission to Medicare. Remember that you can refer to our MIPS FAQs article as an aid.

2019 Patient Summary Performance Report

  • This report is a compilation of your 2019 MIPS data and allows for reconciliation of your Compliance and Failure to Progress reports. In this report you will have the ability to make necessary edits and ensure accurate and compliant reporting to Medicare.
    For more information on making edits, refer to this article.
  • Use your Compliance and Failure to Progress reports as a reference. 

2019 Summary Compliance Report

  • Use this report as a reference. It is the compliance report you may be used to seeing within the Keet application with several enhanced fields for review of your 2019 data by therapist instead of location.  The linear nature of this report allows you to reconcile within your Patient Summary Performance Report before submission to CMS. 
    For more information about your Compliance Report, see this helpful article.

 2019 Summary Failure to Progress Report

  • Use this report as a reference. It summarizes the clinical performance of each therapist for each of the 5 PRO measures with the corresponding failure to progress rate and includes new fields for the NPRS Pain Scales.
    For more information about your Failure to Progress Report, see this helpful article.


Decide whether you want to Submit 2019 MIPS Data

At this point, you should have a good idea of where your clinic stands with regard to your MIPS 2019 data, and you should be able to decide whether you want to submit or not. Scroll down to the appropriate section below, depending on how you want to move forward.

Elect to Submit 2019 MIPS

Since you want to move forward, click here for details on updating the Patient Summary Performance Report.

Elect not to Submit 2019 MIPS

After reviewing your data, your organization may elect to not submit. If you choose to not submit your data, Keet, as your QCDR, needs written documentation of this decision Documentation must be provided to Keet no later than March 27th, 2020, 5:00 pm CST. Send your request to not submit to

After sending the email, your process is complete.


Edit your Patient Summary Performance Report

Your Patient Summary Performance Report feeds data to all the other MIPS reports you’ve downloaded, including your Failure to Progress Reports and Compliance reports. This is why we are only asking you to edit this one single report. We’ll handle the rest of the calculations once you upload any edits. At this juncture during the MIPS submission process you are only able to make simple edits to your data. It is important to note that the only edits you will be able to make at this time will be to:

  • Disqualify a patient because the patient is Under age (under 18), medically complex, or other valid reasons for disqualification outlined in our help section, or per CMS guidelines.
    • Your action: For anyone you are choosing to disqualify in the Keet application, add "yes" to the Disqualify column of this report.
  • Change the supervising therapist assigned to the patient. 
    • Your action: Do this by adding the correct NPI of the correct therapist in the “change_supervising_therapist_NPI_to” column. By including this new NPI, we’ll match the data to the correct supervising therapist name.
  • Add a missing therapist's NPI.
    • Your action: Add a therapist’s missing NPI by adding it to the “practitioner_npi” column to replace the NULL.

For more information on making edits, read this article.


No edits? No problem!

If you have no edits to your draft Patient Summary Performance Report, you can simply upload your “conditionally approved” Patient Summary Performance Report using the Upload feature in the 2019 MIPS Review section.


Upload your Patient Summary Performance Report

After you’ve had an opportunity to review and/or edit your Patient Summary Performance Report, we ask that you upload the new edits to Keet.  To do this:

  1. Return to the 2019 MIPS Review area in the Keet application.
  2. Click the 2019 Reports - Upload button.
  3. Select your edited .csv or Excel file.
  4. Click the Submit button. 


Upon successful upload, a message appears letting you know that we’ll be processing your edits. If you have questions, please be sure to reach out to our Support Team.


What happens next? Approve your final 2019 MIPS data

After Keet has finished collecting all revisions from customers, we’ll disperse the finalized reports for final approval prior to the Medicare deadline of March 31st. These will be available in the application and we’ll notify you once they are ready for your approval. After we submit your approved data to Medicare, we’ll supply you with the receipt we receive upon successful submission. Medicare expects the final scores to be available on July 1, 2020.