Succeed with MIPS: Quick Start Guide

MIPS participation with Keet is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Whether you’re a seasoned pro with reporting data or embarking on your first year, reporting MIPS data is easy with Keet.


0. Getting Started with Keet

Keet Health is a patient engagement and outcomes platform that makes it easier to connect with patients both inside and outside the walls of our clinic and help deliver patient reported outcome surveys in a way that makes it convenient for both us and our patients.

1. Evaluate All Patients for MIPS Eligibility
2. Capture an Initial PRO

For any MIPS eligible patient, capture an initial PRO measure for any corresponding PRO.

3. Capture a Subsequent PRO

For MIPS patients, capture a subsequent PRO (best practice is to capture PROs throughout the plan of care as well as at discharge).