Reset Care Team User Passwords

A Care Team user's password can be reset by an Admin or by the user themself following the instructions and requirements below. 

Reset a Care Team User's Password

As an admin, you have the ability to reset a care team user's (admin or therapist) password.  

1. Navigate to a location where the care team user has an Admin or Therapist profile.

2. Click Care Team in the upper navigation bar.


3. Select the appropriate care team group - Admins or Therapists.


4. Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the appropriate care team member's profile tile.

6. Select Edit Admin/Therapist


7. Scroll to the bottom of the profile to locate the Password and Password Confirmation fields. 

8. Enter a temporary password into the Password field.

9. Re-enter the temporary password into the Password Confirmation field. 


10. Click Save

11. Provide the Care Team member with the temporary password. 

12. Instruct the Care Team member that upon logging in using the temporary password, they will be instructed to reset their password. Note *Current Password is the temporary password. 


Reset My Own Password

As an Admin or Therapist, you can reset your own password.

1. Complete the Forgot Password form by entering the corresponding username.

2. Click Reset Password


You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.
Note: If you don't receive the Reset Password email, contact an Admin at your clinic for assistance resetting your password.

Password Requirements
Passwords are required to be at least 8 characters long. They must contain upper, lower, and numeric characters. Special characters are allowed. A password is valid for 90 days, and users may not reuse any of the previous 6 passwords.