Patient Creation Issue

If you have noticed that patients are not being created in a timely fashion in Keet via the established integration with your EMR and that you are having to manually create patients, there is likely an issue with a therapist's External ID missing or being incorrect in Keet. The External ID is used to establish the integration between a therapist's Keet and the EMR accounts, linking that provider with their patients in Keet. 


Add/Update a Therapist External ID

1. Locate the External ID in your EMR. 

2. Navigate to a location you'd like to add the Therapist user. 


3. Select the Care Team tab and click Therapists


4. Locate the therapist's profile tile and click the three dots in the top right corner. 

5. Click Edit Therapist

6. Input the External ID in the corresponding field. 


7. Click Save


If adding or correcting a Therapist's External ID does not resolve the patient creation issue, please review the patient's phone number to ensure that it has been formatted correctly. If you continue having issues with patient creation,  contact our support team.