Create a Patient Group


Patient groups are used by Keet in order to deliver specific content to certain groups of patients. Patient groups can be created based on a number of different factors: how patients respond to a specific question on a specific form, custom tag, region of injury and several others. 

1. Log into your Keet account.

2. Click Patients.

3. Click the Patient Groups tab. 


4. Click Create Patient Group and type a name for it.



6. Select the factor that you would like to use to create your patient group. Within the Keet platform, you can create patient groups based on the following:

  • Age
  • Confirmed
  • Custom Tag*
  • Form Question
  • Form Score
  • Gender
  • Last Login
  • NPS Trend Tag
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Region

*A custom tag is a customized trigger that can be created based on the type of patient you want to send content to. For example, to send content to all female patients who were seen yesterday, you could create a custom tag called "Female Yesterday" and apply it to all female patients seen in the clinic yesterday.