Add a Patient

This article will show you how to manually add a patient to your Keet account.

Note: If you have an established EMR integration with Keet, patient's will be created automatically via the integration.

1. Navigate to the desired clinic location. 

2. Click Patients in the upper navigation bar.



3. Click ADD PATIENT. 


4. Complete the following fields (* are required fields)

  • *First name
  • *Last Name
  • *Email
  • *Date of Birth
  • *Sex
  • Region (location of injury)
  • Custom Tag
  • *External ID/Patient ID
    • (Patient ID can be found in your EMR. This is important to include if you have an established EMR integration with Keet or participate in MIPS reporting. If you do not include the patient's EMR ID, a duplicate profile will be created for the patient via the integration. If no patient ID is available, this must be a unique ID.)
  • *Primary Therapist
    • (This should be the supervising or billing provider for the patient. This field informs MIPS reporting and should always reflect the medicare credentialed provider signing off on the visit.)


5. Click SAVE.

6. If the Registration and Clinic Welcome Email workflows are enabled, you will need to add the custom tag "Welcome" for patients to receive the registration link to register for the Keet patient portal and know what to expect at their first visit. (Review Workflows)