Filter Exercises by Favorites

By designating an exercise, form or education as a "Favorite" you can then filter by "Favorites". There are two ways to do this, first is from the exercise library and second is from the patients account. 

To Locate "My Favorites" from the Exercise Library:

1.) In the Exercise Library, select the dropdown on the righthand side. Once you click on "My Favorites" the view will change to show you only those exercises that you have favorited. 



To Locate "My Favorites" from the Patient Care Plan:

1.) Select a patient and decide which type of content you are going to add from the dropdown.  *Note there only be an option to filter by favorites after you have gone through and favorited items. 


2.) Select the last dropdown which shows "All" and select "My Favorites" this view will pull up the content that you have favorited in that category. For example, in the image below we selected "Add Exercise" so this list will show us any exercise we have favorited. This works the same for "Forms" and "Education". 


3.) Add the plus sign to add your Favorited item to the patients care plan.