Favorite an Exercise

Once you "Favorite" an exercise you can sort and keep your most used exercises in one place. There are two different ways to "Favorite" an exercise. You can do so from the Exercise Library or from a patient's care plan. 

1. Click Library in the top navigation bar.

2. Select Exercises.


3. Search for the exercise you want either by region, position, or name. 


4. Once you find the exercise you want to make a favorite click the star. 


5. After you have "Favorited" a few exercises, you can change the view by selecting the tab all the way to the right that's labeled "All" and select "My Favorites"


Alternate Way to Favorite 

Another way to "Favorite" is to click the star when adding content to a patient's care plan. Select your patient and once exercises or content have been added, you can click on the star icon on the right side (this looks the same for exercises, forms and education). Favorite_Step_5.png