Add a Therapist

An Admin can add a Therapist user to a location as a new user in Keet or as a new user to the location. 

Required Fields

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • NPI *required for reporting outcomes
  • External ID (required)

What is an External ID?

The external ID is a unique EMR ID given to each therapist user. The External ID links the provider to their patients in both the EMR and within Keet, along with MIPS outcomes reporting data. If this number is not added to a provider's Keet account it may cause a variety of issues, including patients not being created when scheduled for an initial evaluation (established integration) or missing MIPS data (all accounts). 

Clinicient Users: Locate the Therapist ID (External ID)

Add a Therapist

1. Navigate to the location to which you'd like to add the Therapist user. 


2. Click Care Team in the top navigation bar.

3. Select Therapists


4. Click Add Therapist


5. Input the required fields as well as any additional information for the user.
Note: The Cancel Auto-Invite? checkbox allows you to control whether system-generated invites are sent to email recipients.


6. Click Save

7. Repeat steps 1-6 to add the Therapist user to each location they should have access to.