View specific NPS score details

Did you get a detractor notification and want to see who it came from? 

Are you curious about what comments are being left by your patents? 

No problem, we can show you how to see all of that. 

1. Click REPORTS in the top menu bar. 

2. Select the Net Promoter from the drop-down. 

3. Click Comments in the top right corner. 

4. You'll be taken to the NPS comment list, where you'll be able to scroll through and see the details for every score that has come in: Score, Patient name, Therapist, and Tag. 

5. The 3 categories for scoring are treated as follows: 

0-6 - Detractors 

7-8 - Passives

9-10 - Promoters 

The NPS over time chart categorizes scores based on promoter percentage. In this case, a passive neither gives promotion to the business, nor takes it away, so it puts it at 0. 

If the patient leaves a comment, these would be indicated in the Comments section as well as in the individual report that you can download. See Export NPS Report