Create a Care Plan Template

A template is a group of relevant exercises and education pieces that can be grouped together for ease of batch assignment to individual patients.  

1. Click Library in the nav bar.

2. Select Templates.


3. Click CREATE CARE PLAN in the top right.


4. Add a Name, a Description, and select the Visibility Level.

5. Click Save changes.
Note: If you want to allow others at your clinic location to use this template select Clinic Level, if you want all clinic locations to use this template select Account Level


6. Click Add Tasks to add content to the template. Your task can be an exercise, education, or a form. 

7. Find the exercise(s) you want to add to the template and click the + sign.
The software autosaves all content added to the template. 


8. Once all exercises are in, you can update the frequency, order the exercises, and you have the option to remove an exercise if needed. 

Templates_Step_5.png9. To assign a template, navigate to the patient account, and in the Add Content tab, select Add Template.


10. Click the + sign next to whichever template you'd like to add to the patient's account.
Note: You can also use the search bar to find a template. 


11.  Select the date you would like exercises to start.

12. Click Done
The template has now been added to your patient's account.