MIPS Participation for a Patient Returning with a New Case

If a patient who was treated earlier in the year returns for a new episode of care in the same or a different area as before, a MIPS Qualification form (the MIPS Qualification Clinic Form or Pre-Visit Patient Form) should be re-assigned and completed. If the patient is eligible for a MIPS PRO measure, the corresponding PRO should be assigned to the patient's account. Depending on the treatment area for the new case, the PRO may be the same or different as before. 

The treating clinician can use their clinical judgment to exclude patients who are medically complex, who in their experience are likely to make poor clinical progress. If, as a clinician, you do not believe that a patient being treated for multiple cases is a good candidate to report on a patient reported outcome, you can choose to disqualify the patient and they will be excluded in that denominator.

Exclude (disqualify) a patient from MIPS:

To disqualify a patient, the Disqualified Checkbox should be selected on the patient's Keet account indicating they should be removed from the data registry.  Learn more here.