Disqualify a Patient from MIPS Submission


Patients will be automatically removed from MIPS registry if they:

    • Are under the age of 18 years old
    • Are not under treatment related to one of the 5 CMS-approved measures (LEFS, MDQ, NDI, KOS, QDASH)
    • Do not complete 2 or more forms for an assigned measure  


Patients can manually be excluded (disqualified) from MIPS if they:

    • Are non-English speaking and translation services are unavailable
    • Are unable to read
    • Unable to accurately complete the MIPS PRO due to a mental or cognitive impairment
    • Patients meeting medicare requirements for maintenance therapy, such as the maintenance of functional status or prevention of a slow deterioration in function, as defined by the Medicare Benefits Policy Manual, Chapter 15
    • Are determined to be extremely medical complex and likely to make poor clinical progress based on the experience and clinical judgment of the treating clinician  


How do I manually exclude (disqualify) a patient from MIPS?

If a patient should be manually disqualified from MIPS based on the above criteria, the Disqualified Checkbox in the patient account should be checked to indicate they should be removed from the MIPS data registry.  

1. Search for and locate the patient.



2. Click ACTIONS.



3. Select Edit in the dropdown menu.



4. Scroll down to and select the Disqualified? checkbox.



5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click SAVE