Patient PRO Delivery, Notification, and Completion

How frequently is an assigned PRO delivered to a patient?

Currently, all MIPS Patient Report Outcome (PRO) measures are scheduled to be available to a patient every day of the week. This allows patients to access and complete an assigned PRO measure any time they log into their Keet account, regardless of what day of the week it is. 


How frequently are patients reminded to complete an assigned PRO by Keet?

With the corresponding workflows activated, patients will be sent an email notification every 2 weeks reminding them to complete all assigned PRO forms and exercises. 


How does a therapist review if a patient has completed a PRO?

The therapist can log into a patient's record to view if an assigned PRO form has been completed and what the results of that form submission are.


How frequently should I have a patient complete their assigned Patient Reported Outcome form(s)?

For the patient to be included in the year-end MIPS reporting, the patient must complete a minimum of 2 forms for a patient reported outcome measure. Best practice is to have a patient complete a form at the beginning of treatment and another form at discharge. As patients sometimes self-discharge, best practice is to periodically collect forms over the course of treatment helping to ensure that you collect the required 2 forms for all assigned measures.