Create a new Custom Tag

Custom tags are used to segment patients and deliver specific content to that subset of patients. Once a custom tag is created, it can be used to create a Patient Group. That Patient Group can be selected in a workflow and content identified to deliver to those patients, either in their Keet account or by email. 


Note: Only admins can create a new Custom Tag

While any admin or therapist can assign a custom tag to a patient's account, only admins can create a new custom tag for an account location. 

1. Click PATIENTS in the top menu bar.

2. Select a patient from the patient list that you'll want to apply the tag to.

3. Click ACTIONS.


4. Select Edit from the drop-down menu.


5. Scroll down the patient profile until you locate the Custom Tag field.

6. Click the + on the right side of the field.


7. Type the tag you'd like to add into the Custom Tag field.


8. Click Save.

Custom tags are applied by location

If you have more than one location and want to use a newly created custom tag at all of you're locations, you'll want to follow the above steps to create the custom tag at each location.